Next show: Colchester MP Gallery 7th July 18

Fantastic.. Thank you to all those that came to see me at the MP Gallery… even though the football was on.  It was great catching up with those that I met on my first visit and some new faces.  A big Thank You to the staff at the MP Gallery also for inviting me and organising it.

Well it’s nearly exactly a year since I was last in Colchester at the MP Gallery and I have been invited back for an exhibition on the 7th July, so if you are in or around Colchester, Sir Isaac’s Walk, CO1 1JJ I would love you to pop in and say hello.

Invites are being sent out but if you haven’t received yours please give the MP Gallery a call as they would love to hear from you 01206 560395 or email

Check out their website for more information:

Looking forward to seeing you all.