Basil (medium size print)


Basil Robert Oxley

Unframed size: 28.2in x 36.0in (Medium size, large size also available)
Edition size: 295
Medium: Fine Art Print

Unframed Boxed Canvas

The artist started his new collection with the colour green, explaining that the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour, perhaps an evolutionary hangover from our hunter gatherer days. He was also deeply fascinated with the idea of camouflage and the way in which evolution has gifted animals the tool of disguise to be able to survive. Painting the big cats in striking greens, Oxley’s patterns mimic their natural habitats, allowing these majestic animals to blend into the wild tapestry of nature and showcase their natural ability to become one with their environment, while their stalking pose reminds us of the untamed elegance of big cats.


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