“Calathea” Part of Robert Oxley’s Dark Knights collection.

Edition Size: 295

Size: 36″ x 48″

Unframed boxed canvas

Like many of us, wildlife artist Robert Oxley acquired numerous houseplants during lockdown, in an attempt to bring the outdoors inside. One plant in particular stuck out to him which was the Calathea ‘prayer’ plant. He described it as symbolising “prayer in the night, hope and rebirth” which he also wanted to evoke in this stirring portrayal of a tiger.

Stalking its prey with ears and eyes alert, the effervescent colours of this formidable animal slowly drip down the canvas like the careful tread of its paws. The contrasting colours of bright blue and fiery red emerge from a dark background which will add a ferocious pop of colour to any home. What’s more, the 100% cotton canvas creates a premium high-definition effect whilst the high-gloss acrylic giclée varnish offers a great depth of colour and extra UV protection.

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